About the Daily Walk

The origins of The Daily Walk

There are literally thousands of Christian blog sites on the Internet today.  All it takes is to do a search through your favorite search engine and you can find blogs that cover just about all Christian denominations and every version of the Bible.  So, why then would I want to do a Christian blog knowing this?

The idea for a Christian based blog has always been something I wanted to do since my personal spiritual revival in 2006.  It would not be until December of 2011, the date I purchased the domain name and hosting plan, that the website would begin to be developed. I felt the need to have a different focus than most websites and simply discuss basic discipleship and how the Lord has taught me, through His word, about what it truly means to be a Christian.

Discipleship is one area that I feel that many of our churches in America are failing – we simply do not take the time to teach what it means to be a Christian. I began sharing the fruits of my personal Bible studies earlier in January 2012, determined to create a blog that would encourage other Christians in their faith, and to provide basic discipleship Bible studies/devotions.  An issue began to develop with the original hosting company, Freehostia, with their platform and the WordPress program incompatibility, and in March 2012, the older blog entries for the Daily Walk were lost.  At that point, the decision was made to move the blog to a new hosting company, where it remains today.